Kick ass Shots: Delicious, Good-Tasting Shots

Who doesn’t love a good shot? Shots don’t have to be horrendous and gag-reflex inducing—there are some delicious, tasty shots out there! With a little creativity (and a good cocktail shaker), it’s not difficult to whip up a batch of tasty shooters!

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Now that’s just declaring warfare on your body.

Smaug’s breathe

Cheers, Game of Thrones fans. This season, you’re probably going to need it.

Tequila Slammer

Potent. Simple. Delicious

Pineapple upside down cake

A shot that pays tribute to the infamous dessert.

Pink police

This high-energy, sweet pink shot tastes like a Sweet Tart.

Peach lemon drop

Here is an adult version of the childhood favorite.


Cocoa Passion

A delicious, fruity shooter everyone will enjoy.


As intoxicating and tempting as a kiss from a real creature of the night.


Liquid cocaine

A delicious creation that is as addicting as its name suggests!

A drop from heaven

Sounds just as beautiful and deadly as its namesake.


A surprisingly tasty shot, this drink has a title that’s fun to say.


It’s dessert in a shot glass.

Dirty martini

A shot that may actually be a more responsible choice.

Blue kamikaze

Everything about this is a serious YES

Spicy bloody Mary

Short-term memory loss may occur in those who take this drink in large quantities.


Bazooka Joe

This tastes just like the bubble gum!


Tastes just like those obscure candies that always seem to get leftover from parades.


The King of shots might not be something you’d want to keep sipping on all night,


Agave Drop

Here’s a smooth shot that packs a deadly bite!

Giggling Yoda

Reserve your skepticism until you taste it!


The Tyrion Lannister

Mature and interesting enough to be invited to your next dinner party.


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