Our quality department at Xtreme Bar Technologies Inc. (X.B.T Inc) is in charge of performing incoming quality checks for materials, components and parts that are outsourced as well as in process quality checks and final quality checks to ensure all our products are manufactured and assembled following our strict procedures.

The materials and components used in the manufacturing process of the L.E.D SHOT RODTM are all be purchased from well-known established manufacturers and follow international quality certifications and requirements such as RoHS / CE certifications etc.

The plastic version (basic and standard range models) of the L.E.D SHOT RODTM follow all international regulations in terms of manufactured plastic items and is be BP-A free (Bisphenol A). The plastic materials we use are certified by Intertek (European Commission Regulation No. 10/2011 Annex II and Regulation 1935/2004), the NSF (color pigment certifications) and other similar international certification institutions.

Samples are sent to independent laboratories for testing before initial production starts to ensure we stay in compliance.

Test reports may be provided to customers upon request and the L.E.D SHOT RODTM can be adapted to additional specific requirements particular countries may have if necessary.

A scratch-resistant finish furthermore improves the L.E.D SHOT ROD’STM durability in its plastic version and a glossy surface coating provide it with a high quality appearance.


The sales team at Xtreme Bar Technologies Inc. (X.B.T Inc) works directly onsite our production facility to reduce time wastage and is available 7/7. All our sales staff members are trained to answer our customer’s inquiries as much as possible, within the same working day.

Our sales team is also trained by a professional photographer in order for them to be able to assemble a sample in any color a customer may want, apply a logo on it and shoot a professional looking picture within one working day.

We will also strive to give quotations within one working day except for OEM projects where new molds are required (engineers work more slowly than sales as everyone knows).

Our sales department will soon be fitted with a full size photo studio and a high quality E.U made sticker-wrap printer.

We offer a fully customizable product and will soon accept all size orders, with no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).


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