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Xtreme Bar Technologies Incorporated (X.B.T Inc.) is forward-thinking start-up that continually innovates, anticipates and believes in investing in new ideas and technologies. We are dedicated to continually evolve our product and service to better serve our customers, with a policy of delivering a product experience that is above and beyond our customer’s expectations.

This is why we are working hard, to already design the next generation of L.E.D SHOT ROD’STM, the L.E.D SHOT RODTM 2.0.

The L.E.D SHOT RODTM 2.0, whose launch is scheduled late 2016 will encompass even more revolutionary features; pushing the boundaries of creativity and making the already cool L.E.D SHOT RODTM, the…

“…Brightest, Baddest, and Smartest shot glass holder ever designed on the planet”.

led shot rod 2.0

Discover below some of the highlights of the L.E.D SHOT RODTM 2.0

  • Chill-on-Demand

The L.E.D SHOT RODTM 2.0 will be equipped with an “ice less” chilling electric system capable of rapidly chilling your shots or maintaining an already chilled beverage at the perfect serving temperature, at the touch of a button.

Ideal to rapidly chill your shots/shooters in case of unexpected guests or save refrigerator space and get your shots/shooters cold when you want them.

You will never have to worry again about forgetting or pre-planning to put your beverages in the refrigerator before a party.

The L.E.D SHOT ROD’STM 2.0 Chill-On-Demand function will be perfect for easily chilling a wide variety/range of beverage types quickly and safely without worry, whenever the need arises.

shot glass holder

  • Simple iOS device wireless control

Remote controlled toys have long been a popular gift for kids and adults alike, and they’ve gotten cooler than ever now; this is why at X.B.T Inc. we have caught on to the idea of using iOS devices as a control system for the L.E.D SHOT RODTM 2.0.

You will soon be able to download the L.E.D SHOT ROD’STM 2.0 free app through the App Store. The L.E.D SHOT RODTM 2.0 will then instantly talk to your iOS device using Bluetooth, allowing you to simply and remotely control your L.E.D SHOT RODTM 2.0 with a single touch to the screen of your mobile device.

The L.E.D SHOT ROD’STM 2.0 new app will feature a user friendly interface and will be compatible with most iOS devices.

“Simple, Bright and Smart”.

ios control

  • Enhanced preset lighting features

The L.E.D SHOT ROD’STM 2.0 will be an action packed shot glass holder device with advanced preset lighting features of the likes of no other, offering you the possibility of harnessing the full power of light.

The L.E.D SHOT ROD’STM 2.0 flexible control system will allow you to reveal the true magic of light with a full array of digital RGB L.E.D lighting effects and modes, as well as the possibility of synchronizing several units remotely at the single touch of a button.

The L.E.D SHOT ROD’STM 2.0 will showcase the Rolls Royce of Epistar’s digital addressable L.E.D strip lighting series the WS2812B led strip. A 5050 SMD, digital, addressable, full dream color, RGB, L.E.D strip, featuring no less than 63 Kinds effects, 1 IC driving 1 led chip, as well as a built-in improved version of WS2812 IC.

led shot rod 2.0. 2

  • Others

Other upgrades include but are not limited to: an enhanced battery life capacity, as well as a new, creative, badass look and design…

shot glass holder

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