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Presentation is part of the art of a great Shot of liquor! Whether you are serving premium imports at an up-market club, lounge-bar or your favorite booze at home – be proud of how you pour your shots. Create a mood or compliment the room’s decor by choosing the L.E.D SHOT RODTM 

The L.E.D SHOT RODTM device is available in a variety of body styles, number of shot glass holders and other optional configurations & add-on’s.

The L.E.D SHOT RODTM (also known as a shot glass rack, shot holder, shot board, shot tray…the list gets even longer) is a fascinating, new way to serve and display your favorite liquor or drink.

srawberry smallDesigned for convenient handling at the bar, the L.E.D SHOT RODTM makes it fast, easy and amazing to dispense any liquor.
Super portable even when you’re on the go, The L.E.D SHOT RODTM can go anywhere you can. Its ergonomic design and controllable L.E.D lighting makes it look stunning on any bar or tabletop surface, allowing you to serve multiple shots at the same time with a dazzling effect so your party never skips a beat.

Looking for a unique way to increase shot and liquor sales in your bar or night club? Try serving shots in this futuristic rod shaped L.E.D shot glass holder.

Shot girls and waitresses will love how easy it is to transport shot glasses with the L.E.D SHOT RODTM even in a busy club or bar; while liquor brand ambassadors, bar owners and managers will be delighted to see its immediate effects in terms of increasing liquor shot sales as well as creating brand exposure and awareness at a cost effective price.

The L.E.D SHOT RODTM  is the latest idea in “shooter-ology”, and will surely be a customer favorite, keeping them coming back for more.flower small

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