Package Includes:

  • L.E.D Shot Rod x1shot glass holder
  • 11 key Handheld RF Remote Control x1
  • 12v DC Battery Charger / Adapter x1

L.E.D Shot Rod Specifications:

  •  Capacity: Holds 10 standard (3/4 cl) shot glasses (shooters).
  •  Light Source: L.E.D 5050 SMD R.G.B / L.E.D strip (silicone coating / P.U glue) IP68 waterproof coating.
  •  Power Supply: Mini LI-ION (LIPO) 12V super-rechargeable battery 1800mAh – 500 charge cycles guaranteed (autonomy 8-10 hours).
  •  Materials: Polished 0.9 mm stainless steel / High quality durable and recyclable plastics.
  •  Dimensions: 660 mm (L) X 50 mm (W) X 70 mm (H).
  •  Waterproofing product rating: IP 65.
  •  Net Weight: ≤0.8 KG. (Handheld Remote and DC 12V battery charger included).

L.E.D Controller / Remote Specifications:

Product description

Universal Red/Green/Blue (RGB) LED Controller & Dimmer with RF Remote. 20 static color modes with dimming controls, and 19 dynamic color-changing modes with speed controls are selectable and adjustable using the remote controller. (Battery for RF remote included).

Standards & Certifications: 


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  • 11 key RF remote: ultra-thin and light remote with a minimal receiver.
  • 20 static pre-stored colors: Full RGB mode (Red, Blue, Green) with 20 solid colors.
  • 19 dynamic modes & light patterns: Static, Strobe, Fade-color change, RGB smooth changes.
  • Features: Rich colors, Plenty ready-to-go light effects, Speed adjustable, Brightness adjustable

 L.E.D Controller / Remote Data Specifications:


 Power Supply Specifications:

Rechargeable battery specifications

Product Description 

Mini 12V 1800mAh Li-ion Super Rechargeable Battery + AC Charger

Our battery uses imported and original lithium battery chips featuring large nominal capacity, miniature internal resistances, superior number of recharge cycle times, no memory effect, multiple protection design of internal circuit, over charge, over discharge, and over current prevention, PC quality testing and monitoring of the production process, ensuring superior battery performance


1. High energy densitycollage long

2. High working voltage for single battery cells

3. Pollution-free

4. Long life cycle

5. No memory effect

6. Safe and reliable

7. OEM/ODM is welcome

Standards and Certifications



Data Specifications

Battery charger specifications

Product Description

12VDC-xW compact power supply. 100~240V AC input, 12V DC output.

Includes AC in and DC out cables with a 5.5mm barrel connector.

Non-Weatherproof, Indoor use only unless contained within weatherproof housing or used in conjunction with weatherproofing products

Standards and Certifications


Data Specifications:


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