Company Overview

Xtreme Bar Technologies Inc. (XBT Inc.) is a one product start-up company capitalizing on being the first to do what it does, operating without virtually any competitors on a viable and strategic niche of the promotional drink merchandise and bar accessory market.

Our invention, The L.E.D SHOT RODTM is a new & exciting merchandising and promotional product, offering worldwide branding possibilities.

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Although the concept of a shot glass rack, board or paddle has been around for 100+ years and can be traced back to the USA in the 1800’s, Xtreme Bar Technologies Inc. with The L.E.D SHOT RODTM has re-engineered the concept to make it more in line with today’s innovative bar-club scene and ever demanding brand marketing strategies.

At XBT Inc. we believe that the uniqueness of our product, extensive experience and knowledge of the bar / beverage trade, long start-up incubation period, efficient manufacturing process and multi distribution channels, alongside a strict cost control policy, adequate aggressive pricing strategy and superior quality, will give us a definitive advantage over substitution products from potential competitors.

Furthermore, we plan to position ourselves as a forward-thinking company that continually innovates, investing in new ideas, technologies and people. We are global and to compete effectively, we will stay a global company. Our team will reflect global backgrounds and global experience.

We love what we do and enjoy nothing more than to ensure our customers are totally satisfied with the service and product they are receiving.

The combination of a fantastic, fun loving team of people delivering a fresh and exciting product in a friendly and professional manner will allow us to achieve this outcome consistently.
Our strength resides in our ability to blend professional service with a personal touch. A skill learned from growing slowly and being dedicated to continually evolve our product and service to better serve our customers.

Customer Problem

The L.E.D SHOT RODTM is an exciting, innovative, unique and affordable bar apparatus, filling in the gap discovered during the course of our market research, regarding a lack of available high-quality customized liquor brand promotional tools and accessories.

Our revolutionary bar accessory and liquor brand promotional tool,The L.E.D SHOT RODTM, will significantly improve spirits and liquor brands marketing and promotions efforts; efficiently increase their brand exposure and awareness at a cost effective price, as well as participate in boosting their sales.

Target Market

Major targeted clients include international spirits and liquor brands, specialized promotional companies, retailers, national importers, professional hospitality end users such as bars, clubs and a wide variety of beverage led outlets, as well as individual consumers….

The L.E.D SHOT RODTM is set to be a great party favorite for any special events, home parties, beverage launches and drink promotions at bars, nightclubs and other late night venues!

Business Model

At XBT Inc. we intend to provide our customers with an innovative, fun and unique product, fast turnaround, exceptional quality, unparalleled customer service, and competitive pricing. We will work with you in real-time, to meet your design needs, allowing full customization. Our policy is to deliver a product experience that is above and beyond our customer’s expectations.

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