You Will Never Drink Alone Again! – NOW LIVE On Kickstarter

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I Wanna Take Shots With Somebody! Shots! Shots! Shots! NOW LIVE on Kickstarter

“Hit those shots with multicolored flashes of light & get ready to party!”

The L.E.D SHOT ROD is a fascinating, new way to serve and display your favorite shots of liquor or drink.

It’s a new and unique eye catching bar accessory in which to display your shot glasses, that uses super bright LED technology, combined with miniature electronics, to produce an amazing display of full color light. Its WOW effect is sure to bring color and conversation to any liquor brand, bar counter, table or venue.

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L.E.D SHOT ROD – [Official Video] NOW LIVE on Kickstarter

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The L.E.D SHOT RODTM is the world’s most high tech shot glass holder. The first & only, to feature controllable RGB L.E.D lighting, a rechargeable battery & a remote.

Hit those shots with multicolored flashes of light & get ready to party the night away!
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